The Founder

Kansas City, Kansas native, Krystal Cunningham is the Founder of Natural Pearls, a Christian based empowerment and mentoring organization located in the Dallas, Texas area. Since graduating from Louisiana Tech University and moving to Texas in 2002, she has been impacting the lives of several of her students through mentoring while working as an athletic trainer/teacher. In an effort to reach more young women and expand the mission of her vision, Krystal created the Natural Pearls organization.

Because pop culture glorifies several unflattering images full of nudity, airbrushing & plastic surgery and behaviors like sex and teen pregnancy, many young women today struggle with finding their identity and as a result struggle with self-image and self worth issues. Krystal’s goal is to provide a Christian example for young women to emulate and aspire to. Having had mentors herself, she knows first hand how beneficial it is to have a Christian “Big Sister” to lean on when dealing with the many issues of growing up as a teenage girl.

TWhen Krystal is not spending time with her Pearls, she enjoys spending time with her nephews, reading, working out, trying out new restaurants and watching “The Cosby Show” series on DVD. She is also enjoys cooking and having her sisters in Christ over for movie nights.