What is the Natural Pearls Organization About?

Natural Pearls is a mentoring organization I started when I saw the need for better Christian influence in the lives of young girls. Current media inundates youth with images of women who do a poor job of representing what it means to be a woman of faith. The majority of what is shown glorifies sex, bad behavior, and worse choices. It is not profitable to promote shows with women behaving well and making good choices, so that image is rarely seen. It is my goal to change the idea of what it means to be “successful” by providing our girls with an image of a Christian woman of standard and virtue and living as God has called us to. We cannot simply educate young girls with words, but we must lead by example.

With this organization, I want to change the perception many young girls have that they can’t be successful, for any number of reasons. Regardless of whether they are upper, middle or lower class, they all have a set of risk factors that could detour them from their paths and potentially prevent them from reaching their full potential. The paths to their dreams will be full of many twists, turns and detours but God’s grace makes reaching their dreams possible and the journey makes them stronger. The Natural Pearls mentoring organization will reassure them that God loves them no matter what they may encounter, and give them a sister to hold their hands along the way.

The journey of a pearl begins when an irritant becomes trapped in a mollusk. To protect itself, the mollusk repeatedly secretes a mineral and a protein in layers, which ultimately results in a pearl. A Natural Pearl is not a “Perfect” woman. She is one who started maybe as an irritant, but God saw fit to protect her and cover her every hurt, every scar, every imperfection and mistake resulting in the BEAUTIFUL woman HE always intended her to be: a Pearl, HIS Jewel (Proverbs 31:10-31).

Own your past, Live your present and Praise GOD for your future!!